Customer Engagement Assessment
  • Customer research using Qualtrics Core Research tools to understand the voice of your customer, customer pain points, segmentation & drivers of overall satisfaction

  • Research on energy and channel preferences. 

Customer Touchpoint Process Review
  • End-to-end process reviews to assess customer touchpoints. 

  • Customer journey mapping to highlight the customer experience, any pain points and root causes. 

  • Review of process efficiencies and redesigns that also enhance the customer experience.

Customer Engagement Strategy Development
  • Development of customer transformation strategies and supporting KPI's and milestones.

  • Pre- and post-launch customer research to gauge customer acceptance and to fine tune program delivery. 

Customer Analytics 
  • Development of analytical and forecast tools to predict customer behaviour and to support customer transformation business caes

  • Post-program implementation calibrations and risk assessments to determine program performance levels and recommend any course corrections.

Regulatory/Policy Review
  • Assessments on changes to rate structures and regulatory policies which support customer program effectiveness roll out, while balancing regulatory outcomes for utilities, ratepayers and other stakeholders. 

  • Research & recommendations on customer and ratepayer impact of customer/digital transformations as well as specific DER programs such as net metering policies, EV-Program rules, and Non Wires Alternative Programs.

Business Case Development

Development of financial and economic analysis of customer experience programs to determine level of program profitability and feasibility.

Development of sensitivity analysis to understand program risks and opportunities.